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The art of getting Comps

Many ordinary players want to know they can get casino comps . You may have heard of the fantastic stories of someone getting the free gifts, meals or casino tickets. While these stories are very exciting and interesting, it pays to know that not all players can get comps. There are several reasons why casinos give away comps, and you should know you can get comps for your gambling activities.

Comps is derived from the word “complimentaries” and means something that a casino gives its customers for their ongoing loyalty and patronage. Comps can range from the simplest items like main chains and pens to the more expensive ones like jewelry and clothing. Comps can also be free restaurant meals, free stay at hotel rooms, and free tickets to shows. The kind of comps that a player can get depends on the time and money he has spent playing at the casino, the casino rules of comps, luck, the boss of mine and even the time!

The casinos offer comps not only as a sign of gratitude but also as an incentive to keep a player coming back. In order to qualify for comps, you must “convince” the casino that you will come back to the game in the future and play again. You can do this by getting an elem card. the casino uses to keep your gambling activities. Always be sure to hand over your elem card. to the croupier or mine boss so that he can evaluate you.

Now that you have been evaluated, how can you get comps and how can you redeem them? As the casinos base their rewards of élém. on the time and money you spent, you should be willing to spend a lot of money and play for several hours. This means that if you can afford to spend thousands of dollars playing for 2 or 3 hours, then so. For budget-conscious, it will take little more time to get comps for a little bit than you spend, but if you still use your elem card. and keep coming back, you’ll get comps sooner or later. A good rule of thumb is to play for an hour or two time each time you play at the casino.

Use your elem card. not only for the casino but for its satellite establishments as well (hotels, shops, restaurants, etc.). Be polite and respectful to your fellow players, the dealer and everyone at the casino. Look respectable by dressing well and tilting croupiers and waiters.

Getting comps is a great way to make your casino play more enjoyable. At least you’ll know you’ll get back some of the investment you’ve made in your game. Make sure you know how to win in the game or you’ll only win the comps, not the big money prizes that should be your ultimate goal.

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